Trump pick Stephen Moore drops out

Another of Donald Trump’s picks for a seat on the Federal Reserve has dropped out of the running following fierce criticism of his views.

The US president tweeted that Stephen Moore, “a great pro-growth economist and a truly fine person, has decided to withdraw from the Fed process”.

It follows weeks of attacks on his changing opinions on monetary policy and sexist comments about women.


Mr Trump had asked Mr Moore, 59, to fill one of two vacant positions on the central bank’s seven-member board, but had not formally nominated him.


But some lawmakers feared the conservative pundit, a Trump loyalist who supported tax cuts, would threaten the Fed’s independence.

There were also concerns about his views on interest-rate policy, given as recently as September 2015 he called for eliminating the US central bank.


More recently, he said Fed Chairman Jerome Powell should be fired after the central bank raised interest rates in December.

However, it was his history of making sexist comments that appear to have most hurt his chances.

In one newspaper column that he has since apologised for, Mr Moore joked that women should not referee men’s basketball games and suggested they should not be in military combat.

In another, in 2014, he said that if women were paid more than men, society could be destabilised.