Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses Attorney General Barr

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has accused the Attorney General William Barr of lying to Congress.

Her comments came a day after Mr Barr’s testimony to a Senate panel about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s alleged meddling in 2016.

Mr Barr faced sharp questioning about his decision to clear President Donald Trump of obstruction of justice.

The top US law official refused to testify to Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

The standoff raises the prospect that Mr Barr – America’s top legal official – could be held in contempt of Congress.



“He lied to Congress. And if anybody else did that it would be considered a crime,” Ms Pelosi said on Thursday.

“Nobody is above the law,” she added.

What did Ms Pelosi say?

Ms Pelosi’s accusation stems from Mr Barr saying he was not aware of any complaints Mr Mueller had about the Attorney General’s four-page summary of his report…